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Cobham RAD - SEREEL2 Laser SEE Testing Systems

Device Preparation

Cobham RAD Europe, in conjunction with MBDA UK Ltd, offers SEREEL2 for SPA and SEREEL2 for TPA.

Laser Single Event Effects (SEE) testing simulates the effects of space radiation by firing a laser beam at a semiconductor device and measuring the effect of each single pulse. An infrared camera can be used to image the location of the pulses in order to identify sensitive nodes.

Companies can benefit from the SEREEL2 system to screen 100s of microcircuits for Single Event Effects (SEE/SEL/SEU/SEFI etc.) in their own facility, saving test and travel costs.

Once good die are obtained, Cobham RAD Europe can assist companies with confirmation testing in our facilities or arrange for testing time. Cobham RAD will assist the customer after purchase to set-up the SEREEL2 for testing and offer consultations. A full warranty is included.

SEREEL2 is Non-ITAR! Intuitive operating software is provided. Benefits include:

  • SEREEL2 delivers large (>100,000) laser spot arrays under laser control
    • With full registration of upsets to die locations
  • Applicable to SEE screening of large numbers of devices for space programs
    • Autofocussing and levelling for speedy sample testing
  • SEREEL2 for Single Photon Absorption (SPA)
    • Simple operation, ideal for wire bonded devices, high throughput
  • SEREEL2 for Two-Photo Absorption (TPA)
    • Suitable for flip chips, very high energy possible (┬ÁJ and mJ ranges available), high throughput
  • Raster Scanning
    • Basic scanning available for R&D testing or less speed-critical applications
  • Spiral Scanning
    • Ultimate positional precision for high throughput screening of parts
  • Maximum scanning range 100 mm in x,y,z directions
  • Positional accuracy to 1 micron
  • The sample orientation can be either horizontal or vertical

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