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Cobham SpaceWire

Cobham Colorado Springs and Cobham Gaisler's SpaceWire family includes a SpaceWire Physical Layer Transceiver, Node Interface IP, 4-Port Router, FPGA-based SpaceWire Router solutions and evaluation boards. The latest product is the GR718B Radiation-Tolerant 18x SpaceWire Router.

SpaceWire is a standard governing serial communication between satellite components. Originally developed by the European Space Agency, SpaceWire marries IEEE-1355 with a LVDS physical layer.

Cobham also offers customers a complete SpaceWire solution - products and test equipment. Cobham and 4Links Limited have a test equipment distribution agreement allowing Cobham to provide 4Links SpaceWire test equipment and support for North America.

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Spacewire News

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Available SpaceWire Products

Spacewire Products
Links Data
Voltages Total
MeV - cm2/mg
Saturated Cross
Section (cm2)
per device
MeV - cm2/mg
Package QML Q&V SMD Part
GR718B 18-port
SpaceWire Router
18 200 3.3V,
300 ** ** >118 256 CQFP ***
UT200SpW4RTR SpaceWire
4-port Router
4 200 2.5V,
100 26 * >100 255 CLGA Q,V 5962-08244
UT200SpWPHY01 SpaceWire
Physical Layer Transceiver
1 200 3.3V 100 38 5.0E-7,
>109 28 FP Q,V 5962-06232
UT200SpW4RTR-EVB 4-port
Router Evaluation Board
The UT200SpWRTR-EVB is a 4-Port SpaceWire Router evaluation board designed to allow the system designer access to all the features of the UT200spW4RTR 4-Port Router as defined in the datasheet. The evaluation board can also be plugged into the Cobham Gaisler LEON 3-FT evaluation board.
UT100SpW02 SpaceWire
Protocol Handler IP
The UT100SpW02 SpaceWire Protocol Handler IP is designed specifically for use with Aeroflex’s RadHard Eclipse FPGA. Dual ECSS-E-ST-50-KC compliant links; data rates from 2 to 100 Mbps; 9 bit transmit and receive FIFO user interface.
GRSPW2 SpaceWire Link
IP Core
The GRSPW2 implements a SpaceWire Link with RMAP support and AMBA host interface. The core implements the SpaceWire standard with the protocol identification extension (ECSS-E- 50-12 part 2) and RMAP protocol. Receive and transmit data is autonomously transferred between the SpaceWire Codec and the AMBA AHB bus using DMA. Delivery format is encrypted VHDL.
SpaceWire Router
The SpaceWire router core implements a SpaceWire router as defined in the ECSS-E-ST-50-12C standard. It supports from 0 to 31 ports (excluding the mandatory configuration port) which can be individually configured to be external SpaceWire links, FIFO ports or AHB ports. The AHB ports are limited to a maximum of 16 in a single router. Delivery format is encrypted VHDL.
The radiation tolerant SpaceWire Router family is available as pre-programmed Microsemi RTAX and RT ProASIC3 Field Programmable Gate Arrays. The fault tolerant design of the router in combination with the radiation tolerant FPGA makes it ideally suited for space and other high-rel applications.
GRESB SpaceWire/
Ethernet Bridge
The GRESB bridge facilitates rapid development and testing of equipment with SpaceWire interfaces. It provides three bi-directional SpaceWire links with a maximum bit rate of 100 Mbit/s and six "virtual" links that are interfaced through TCP sockets. Each SpaceWire link can be individually configured with respect to the transmission bit rate. The GRESB also supports one CAN 2.0B interface.
* Contact factory for SEU report
** The SEU error rate is below 1E-12 errors/bit-day
*** ESCC 9000 screening and lot validation
† Per Cobham procurement specification

- 4Links SpW test equipment for North America