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RS485 Transceivers

Dual RS485 Interface Transceiver

Cobham's DRS4485 Transceiver was developed in response to a demand for high reliability, radiation hardened, general-purpose balanced interface for multipoint RS485 and RS422 applications. RadHard to >100 krad(Si), and capable of driving more than 500ft of 120ohm cable, it is powered by a single 5V supply, and available in an 18-lead flat-pack package.

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RS485 Transceiver News

  • Cobham DRS4485 RHA Certified
    • DLA RHA certification has been received and it is available to SMD 5962-09226.

Available RS485 Transceiver Products

DRS4485 Dual RS-485 Interface Transceiver

  • Total dose > 100 krad(si)
  • Single 5V supply
  • Voltage source output
  • Receiver output Hi for Vin Diff = 0V
  • > 5ns skew between BUS and BUSN complementary outputs
  • Driver maintains high impedance in three-state or with the power off
  • Available to SMD 5962-09226