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Precision Current Source

Precision Current Source

Cobham offers high precision monolithic quintet (5 fixed current) and octal (8 settable current) sources designed for resistance temperature detectors and resistive sensor applications.

Cobham's new PCS5038 features user settable, with one external resistor, current sources from 100µA to 2.0mA. Each current source is connected internally to an independent voltage comparator input. The voltage at each current source pin is compared to a reference voltage input of 0.0Vdc to 3.0Vdc. If the current source supplied to the sensor creates a voltage exceeding the reference, the V_Out of the associated voltage comparator will trip indicating an over temperature condition. The internal precision 2.0Vdc reference voltage output or an external reference voltage can be used to provide the trip point to the voltage comparators.

The Precision Current Source coupled with our series of Analog Multiplexers and temperature sensors, such as Thermistors or Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), provides an effective solution for Spacecraft Health Monitoring by retrieving and organizing temperature measurements from various satellite bays and sensitive systems.

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Precision Current Source News

  • PCS5035 is now RHA qualified and in production.

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Available Precision Current Source Products

Precision Current Source
Type Total Dose
krad (Si)
Package Description SMD Part Number
PCS5035Quintet10018 Lead
Monolithic quintet (5) precision current sources (each at 80µA) designed for thermistor current monitor and resistive sensor applications. Built-in comparators and precision internal 2.0VDC reference further simplifies the application design. 5962R0923401KXC
PCS5038Octal10040 CQFP The PCS5038 was designed to provide the flexibility needed to support a very wide range of resistive sensors. It contains eight precision current sources that can be set to source from 100µA to 2mA each with a single external resistor. Any number of the eight current source outputs can be tied together allowing the PCS5038 to drive multiple current source values. 5962R1223201KXC

Note: Cobham's Radiation Hardness Assurance Plan is DLA Certified to MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix G.