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Power Distribution Modules (PDMs)

Power Distribution Modules

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) offer the industry's best end-to-end efficiency from the satellite bus (22 - 100V) down to the point of load. The PDMs are a two stage solution that leverage resonant mode control, zero-voltage/zero-current switching, chip on board manufacturing, planar magnetics, proprietary FETs, controllers and drivers to provide greater than 50W of power at 83%+ end-to-end efficiency to your FPGA or ASIC. All of this is accomplished in a very small footprint of ~4in2.

These modules are also radiation hardened to meet 50 krad(Si) TID and SEL immunity up to 80 MeV-cm2/mg. PDM Datasheets, Design Guide and FAQs are now available.

The PDMs are a family of Input Regulator Modules (IRM) and Isolated Point of Load Modules (iPOL) that together make up a power conversion system. The IRM provides a regulated intermediate voltage to the iPOL which can be set to adjust to load condition by utilizing the adaptive loop feature between the IRM and iPOL. The iPOLs are isolated, unregulated, DC/DC converters that divide down the intermediate bus voltage, provided by the IRM, by a constant k-factor. These PDMs can generate an adjustable output voltage as low as 0.65V to meet the core voltage requirements of the latest FPGAs and ASICs.

Also, these modules are specified to operate from -40°C to +125°C and QML Class L MIL-PRF-38534 qualification is pending. For more information on the PDMs, please email us at info-hirel@cobhamaes.com.

Power Distribution Modules

Note: Other IRM input voltage ranges and iPOL k-factors can be released upon customer request. Please email us at info-hirel@cobhamaes.com for more information.

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  • Please request our APEC Presentation entitled "Attaining PMBus Adoption in Spaceborne Power Systems" and learn how Cobham is helping in Power designs.

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Available Power Distribution Module Products

Input Regulator Modules (IRM)
TID Tolerance (krad(Si)) = 50
PDM621100100 Vdc Input Regulator Module95-10526-4875921.65"L x 1.05"W x 0.31"H
PDM62107070 Vdc Input Regulator Module63-7726-4875921.65"L x 1.05"W x 0.31"H
PDM62102828 Vdc Input Regulator Module22-3626-48100941.65"L x 1.05"W x 0.31"H
Evaluation Boards Available
PDM Evaluation Board NOTE: Evaluation boards have been designed to accommodate a large mix of power solutions consisting of PDM modules and VRG linear regulators.

• 6702-EVAL includes the 621100-7 IRM and 613140 IPOL
• 6703-EVAL includes the 621028-7 IRM and 613140 IPOL

Isolated Point of Load Modules (iPOL)
TID Tolerance (krad(Si) = 100
DescriptionK-Factor Vin
PDM613140Vout = 1/40 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/40 26-480.65-1.21.0050.0891.605"L x 0.96"W x 0.315"H
PDM613132Vout = 1/32 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/32 26-480.81-1.51.3050.0891.605"L x 0.96"W x 0.315"H
PDM613124 *Vout = 1/24 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/24 26-481.081-2.01.6037.5891.605"L x 0.96"W x 0.315"H
PDM612116Vout = 1/16 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/16 26-481.63-3.06.4016.7911.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612112Vout = 1/12 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/12 26-482.17-4.08.4012.5911.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612108Vout = 1/8 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/8 26-483.25-"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612106Vout = 1/6 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module1/6 26-484.33-"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612105 *Vout = 1/5 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 1/5 26-485.20-9.6037.0 5.20901.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612104 *Vout = 1/4 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 1/4 26-48 6.50-12.0 44.0 4.20921.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612103 *Vout = 1/3 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 1/3 26-48 8.67-16.0 71.0 3.10951.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612102 *Vout = 1/2 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 1/2 26-48 13.0-24.0 80.0 2.10911.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612203 *Vout = 2/3 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 2/3 26-48 17.3-32.0 85.0 1.50911.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
PDM612101 *Vout = 1/1 x Vin Isolated Point of Load Module 1/1 26-48 26.0-48.0 96.0 1.00901.105"L x 1.06"W x 0.315"H
* Product in Development: Please call 800-645-8862 for more information.