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MSI and ManyGate Logic

Providing you HiRel MSI Logic products

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions offers over 100 MSI Logic products. Our MSI Logic Family is compatible to ACS and ACTS logic and has high speed, lower power consumption, 3- and 5-volt supply, and SEU threshold 80 MeV - cm2/mg. We offer 14, 16, and 20 flatpack and 14, 16, and 20 DIP. All are QML Q and V and available off-the-shelf.

Our new products are ManyGate Configurable Logic solutions for System Designers seeking a low cost, easily implemented, logic correction mechanism for late design changes. Offerings include a UT54ACS3G99S Triple ManyGate and a UT54ACS2S99S Dual Sequential ManyGate both QML Q & V and available now!

Please visit our 16-bit Logic web page for more Logic products.

For questions, please call 800-645-8862.

NEW: MSI ManyGate Devices:

  • 3.0V to 5.5V supply voltages
  • Advanced CMOS Technology
  • Schmitt Trigger Inputs
  • Tri-State Outputs
  • ESD Rating HBM:2000V, Class 2
  • Operational Environment:
    • Total Dose: 1 Mrad(Si)
    • Latchup Immune: LET ≤ 100 MeV-cm2/mg
  • All available to SMD, QML Q and V
  • Packaging: 20-lead flatpack (dual Line)

MSI Devices:

  • 5.0V and 3.3V supply voltages
  • Latch-up immune
  • All available to SMD, QML Q and V
  • DIP and flatpack packages available

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MSI Logic News

  • GOES-R Cobham's high reliability motion control solutions and RadHard microelectronics have launched aboard NOAA's GOES-R spacecraft. Learn More...

New Products:

  • Two new ManyGate Configurable Logic products both QML Q & V and available now!
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Available MSI Logic Products

Configurable MSI Logic Devices
Part Number
Type +3.3V/
Package Total
UT54ACS2S99S Pin-configurable Logic Solution. Dual, Sequential, Configurable Logic Gate w/ Schmitt Trigger Inputs and Tri-state outputs. Also supports configuration as a D-flip flop (1R99S) or transparent latch (1L99S). 20 FP 1000 Schmitt
12mA Q,V 5962-15239
UT54ACS3G99S Pin-configurable Logic Solution. Triple, Combinatorial, Configurable Logic Gate w/ Schmitt Trigger Inputs and Tri-state outputs. 20 FP 1000 Schmitt
12mA Q,V 5962-15238
MSI Logic Devices (QML Q&V)
Type +3.3V +5.0V Input
RHD5980 Octal Bus Transceiver Bidirectional Voltage Level Shifter CMOS 12mA 5962H12226KXC
UT54ACS00 Logic quadruple 2-input NAND gates CMOS 8mA 5962-96512
UT54ACS00E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96512
UT54ACTS00   TTL 8mA 5962-96513
UT54ACTS00E* TTL 8mA 5962-96513
UT54ACS02 Logic quadruple 2-input NOR gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96514
UT54ACS02E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96514
UT54ACTS02   TTL 8mA 5962-96515
UT54ACTS02E*  ■ TTL 8mA 5962-96515
UT54ACS04 Hex inverters   CMOS 8mA 5962-96516
UT54ACS04E* † CMOS 8mA 5962-96516
UT54ACTS04   TTL 8mA 5962-96517
UT54ACTS04E* † TTL 8mA 5962-96517
UT54ACS08 Logic quadruple 2-input AND gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96518
UT54ACS08E*  ■ CMOS 8mA 5962-96518
UT54ACTS08   TTL 8mA 5962-96519
UT54ACTS08E* TTL 8mA 5962-96519
UT54ACS10** Logic triple 3-input NAND gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96520
UT54ACTS10**   TTL 8mA 5962-96521
UT54ACS11** Logic triple 3-input AND gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96522
UT54ACTS11**   TTL 8mA 5962-96523
UT54ACS14 Hex inverting Schmitt trigger   Schmitt CMOS 8mA 5962-96524
UT54ACS14E* Schmitt CMOS 8mA 5962-96524
UT54ACTS14   Schmitt TTL 8mA 5962-96525
UT54ACTS14E*  ■ Schmitt TTL 8mA 5962-96525
UT54ACS20** Logic dual 4-input NAND gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96526
UT54ACTS20**   TTL 8mA 5962-96527
UT54ACTS20E* ** † TTL 8mA 5962-96527
UT54ACS27** Logic triple 3-input NOR gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96528
UT54ACTS27**   TTL 8mA 5962-96529
UT54ACS34** Hex non-inverting buffers   CMOS 8mA 5962-96530
UT54ACTS34**   TTL 8mA 5962-96531
UT54ACS54** Logic 4-wide AND-OR-INVERT gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96532
UT54ACTS54**   TTL 8mA 5962-96533
UT54ACS74 FLIP-FLOPs dual D with clear and preset   CMOS 8mA 5962-96534
UT54ACS74E* †   TTL 8mA 5962-96534
UT54ACTS74   TTL 8mA 5962-96535
UT54ACTS74E* TTL 8mA 5962-96535
UT54ACS85 Comparators 4-bit   CMOS 8mA 5962-96536
UT54ACTS85   TTL 8mA 5962-96537
UT54ACS86 Logic quadruple 2-input XOR gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96538
UT54ACS86E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96538
UT54ACTS86   TTL 8mA 5962-96539
UT54ACS109** FLIP-FLOPs dual J-K   CMOS 8mA 5962-96540
UT54ACS109E* ** CMOS 8mA 5962-96540
UT54ACTS109**   TTL 8mA 5962-96541
UT54ACS132 Logic quadruple 2-Input NAND with Schmitt triggers   Schmitt CMOS 8mA 5962-96542
UT54ACS132E*  ■ Schmitt CMOS 8mA 5962-96542
UT54ACTS132   Schmitt TTL 8mA 5962-96543
UT54ACTS132E* †   Schmitt TTL 8mA 5962-96543
UT54ACS138 Decoders/demultiplexers 3-line to 8-line   CMOS 8mA 5962-96544
UT54ACS138E* TTL 8mA 5962-96544
UT54ACTS138   TTL 8mA 5962-96545
UT54ACS139** Decoders/demultiplexers dual 2-line to 4-line   CMOS 8mA 5962-96546
UT54ACTS139**   TTL 8mA 5962-96547
UT54ACS151** Data selectors/multiplexers 1 to 8   CMOS 8mA 5962-96548
UT54ACTS151**   TTL 8mA 5962-96549
UT54ACS153** Multiplexers 4-input dual   CMOS 8mA 5962-96550
UT54ACTS153**   TTL 8mA 5962-96551
UT54ACTS153E* ** TTL 8mA 5962-96551
UT54ACS157 Multiplexers quadruple 2 to 1   CMOS 8mA 5962-96552
UT54ACTS157  ■ TTL 8mA 5962-96553
UT54ACTS157E*  ■ TTL 8mA 5962-96553
UT54ACS163 Counters 4-bit synchronous   CMOS 8mA 5962-96554
UT54ACTS163   TTL 8mA 5962-96555
UT54ACS164 Registers 8-bit shift   CMOS 8mA 5962-96556
UT54ACS164E*  ■ CMOS 8mA 5962-96556
UT54ACTS164   TTL 8mA 5962-96557
UT54ACTS164E*  ■ TTL 8mA 5962-96557
UT54ACS165** Registers 8-bit shift parallel   CMOS 8mA 5962-96558
UT54ACS165E* **  ■ CMOS 8mA 5962-96558
UT54ACTS165**   TTL 8mA 5962-96559
UT54ACS169** Counters 4-bit binary up-down   CMOS 8mA 5962-96560
UT54ACTS169**   TTL 8mA 5962-96561
UT54ACS190** Counters up-down BCD synchronous 4-bit   CMOS 8mA 5962-96562
UT54ACTS190**   TTL 8mA 5962-96563
UT54ACS191 Counters up-down binary synchronous 4-bit   CMOS 8mA 5962-96564
UT54ACS191E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96564
UT54ACTS191   TTL 8mA 5962-96565
UT54ACS193 Clocks up-down synchronous 4-bit   CMOS 8mA 5962-96566
UT54ACS193E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96566
UT54ACTS193   TTL 8mA 5962-96567
UT54ACTS193E* †   TTL 8mA 5962-96567
UT54ACTS220 Clock and wait-state generation circuit   TTL 2 - 12mA 5962-96753
UT54ACS240 Buffers octal with inverted 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96568
UT54ACTS240   TTL 12mA 5962-96569
UT54ACS244 Buffers/line drivers octal with 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96570
UT54ACS244E* CMOS 12mA 5962-96570
UT54ACTS244   TTL 12mA 5962-96571
UT54ACTS244E* †   TTL 12mA 5962-96571
UT54ACS245S Transceivers octal bus Schmitt trigger with 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96572
UT54ACS245SE* †   CMOS 12mA 5962-96572
UT54ACS245 Transceivers octal bus with 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96572
UT54ACTS245   TTL 12mA 5962-96573
UT54ACTS245E* †  ■ TTL 12mA 5962-96573
UT54ACS253** Multiplexers 4-input dual with 3-state outputs   CMOS 8mA 5962-96574
UT54ACTS253**   TTL 8mA 5962-96575
UT54ACS264** Look-ahead carry generator for counters CMOS 8mA 5962-96576
UT54ACTS264**   TTL 8mA 5962-96577
UT54ACS273 FLIP-FLOPs octal D with clear   CMOS 8mA 5962-96578
UT54ACS273E* CMOS 8mA 5962-96578
UT54ACTS273 TTL 8mA 5962-96579
UT54ACS279** Latches quadruple S-R CMOS 12mA 5962-96580
UT54ACTS279** TTL 12mA 5962-96581
UT54ACS280** 9-bit parity generators/checkers CMOS 8mA 5962-96582
UT54ACTS280**   TTL 8mA 5962-96583
UT54ACS283** Adders 4-bit parity binary full   CMOS 8mA 5962-96584
UT54ACS283E* ** CMOS 8mA 5962-96584
UT54ACTS283**   TTL 8mA 5962-96585
UT54ACS299E* ** Registers universal shift/storage CMOS 12mA 5962-06238
UT54ACS365** Buffers/line drivers hex with 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96586
UT54ACTS365**   TTL 12mA 5962-96587
UT54ACS373 Latches octal transparent with 3-state outputs   CMOS 8mA 5962-96588
UT54ACTS373   TTL 8mA 5962-96589
UT54ACS374** FLIP-FLOPS octal D with 3-state outputs   CMOS 8mA 5962-96590
UT54ACTS374**   TTL 8mA 5962-96591
UT54ACS540** Octal Buffers and Line Drivers with inverted 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96592
UT54ACTS540**   TTL 12mA 5962-96593
UT54ACS541 Octal Buffers and Line Drivers with 3-state outputs   CMOS 12mA 5962-96594
UT54ACTS541   TTL 12mA 5962-96595
UT54ACTS541E* TTL 12mA 5962-96595
UT54ACTS630 EDACs   TTL 16mA 5962-06239
UT54ACTS899** Latchable Transceiver with Parity Generator/Checker   CMOS 24mA 5962-06240
UT54ACS4002** Logic dual 4-input NOR gates   CMOS 8mA 5962-96596
UT54ACTS4002**   TTL 8mA 5962-96597
UT22VP10** One Time programmable PAL   CMOS or TTL 5962-94754
* Enhanced: Extended voltage range and enhanced AC performance
† SMD update pending. Please call 800-645-8862 for more information
** End of Life (EOL): EOL products have reached a limited supply status and are not recommended for new designs.