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LEON 3FT/4FT Microprocessors

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Cobham's LEON 3FT/4FT family includes the UT699, UT699E and UT700 SPARC™ V8 Microprocessor with Cobham Gaisler IP (all QML V as of December 2017), the GR712RC SPARC™ V8 Microprocessor and GR740 SPARC™ V8 Microprocessors.

The UT699 Functional Manual and the newly combined UT699E/UT700 Functional Manual are current on the website. Also the UT699E/UT700 Power Calculator spreadsheet is available for your download.

Cobham's UT699 / 699E / 700 (all QML V) and GR712RC are processing solutions for markets such as Spacecraft on-board computers and payload processing, Nuclear Power Plant Controls, Critical Transportation Systems, High-Altitude Avionics, Medical Electronics and X-Ray Cargo Scanning.

Cobham's LEAP (LEON Expandable Application Platform) is available now as a low-cost development platform to familiarize users with the Cobham UT700 processor, as well as allow custom expansion based on application requirements. Please download the LEAP Users Manual and the UT700 LEAP VxWorks 6.7 BSP Manual now.

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Cobham also offers customers a complete SpaceWire solution - products and test equipment. Cobham and 4Links Limited have a test equipment distribution agreement allowing Cobham to provide 4Links SpaceWire test equipment and support for North America.

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  • As of December 2017, the UT699E and UT700 are now QML V!
  • Cobham aboard Flying Laptop Cobham's products and services contributed to the recent successful deployment of the 'Flying Laptop' Satellite developed at the Institute of Space Systems (IRS) at the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Learn More...

Available LEON 3FT/4FT Microprocessor Products

LEON Microprocessors
Purchase Description #
Total Dose
MeV - cm²/mg
Package QML Q&V SMD #
GR740 GR740 is a quad-core LEON4FT 32-bit processor, with four fully SPARC V8 compliant integer units and four high-performance pipelined IEEE-754 floating point units. 4 250 425 *** *** 625 LGA ††††
GR712RC GR712RC is a dual-core LEON3FT 32-bit processor, with two fully SPARC V8 compliant integer units and two high performance fully pipelined IEEE-754 floating point units. 2 100 140 † 100* > 118 240 FP †† **
UT700 Buy Online LEON 3FT 32-bit SPARC™ Microprocessor, fully SPARC™ V8 compliant integer unit. 1 166 233 † 100* ≤ 110 484 LGA, CGA Q,V 5962-13238
LEON 3FT 32-bit SPARC™ Microprocessor, fully SPARC™ V8 compliant integer unit. 1 100 140 † 100* ≤ 110 484 LGA, CGA Q,V 5962-13237
UT699 LEON 3FT 32-bit SPARC™ Microprocessor, fully SPARC™ V8 compliant integer unit. 1 66 92 † 100* ≤ 108 352 FP
484 LGA, CGA
Q,V 5962-08228
† With latest compiler, 0 wait states on SRAM and cache enabled.
* Contact factory for SEU report.
†† Class S screening and qualification.
** Per Cobham procurement specification.
*** Pending Characterization.
†††† Engineering models are currently available.
Development Boards
GR-CPCI-GR740 The GR-CPCI-GR740 development board has been designed to support the development and fast prototyping of systems based on the Cobham Gaisler GR740 quad-core 32-bit fault tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor. The board supports MIL-STD-1553B, 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet, eight SpaceWire ports, 32-bit PCI, two CAN ports, two UARTs, Serial Peripheral Interface, on-board Flash and SDRAM. On-board USB and SpaceWire debug ports are also available.
The GR712RC-BOARD evaluation board is capable of running at a system clock speed of 100MHz. The board is a double Eurocard form factor used in a standalone bench-top configuration. The board supports MIL-STD-1553B, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, six SpaceWire ports capable of running at up to 200Mbits/s, two CAN ports, on-board FLASH, SRAM, and SDRAM. A USB debug port is also available on-board.
GR-CPCI-UT699 Development board with the UT699 LEON3FT SPARC V8 microprocessor. The board is cPCI form factor and can also be used in a standalone bench-top configuration. The board supports 32-bit/33MHz PCI, Ethernet, 4 SpaceWire ports capable of running up to 200Mbit/s, 2 CAN ports, on-board FLASH, SRAM, SDRAM, and socket for a PROM device. A USB debug port is provided.
UT700-LEAP *
UT700-MEZ *
The Cobham LEAP provides a flexible development platform for customers wanting to develop software that works on the Cobham UT700 Standard Product with minimal cost investment. The Cobham LEAP has a Cobham UT700 LEON 3 FT prototype grade device with 8 Mbytes NV memory storage and 32Mbytes SDRAM (both commercial memory), along with one USB UART interface and one 10T/100 Mbit/s Ethernet port. It also includes a JTAG interface for programming and debug of UT700 LEON 3FT (requires XILINX USB Platform Cable) along with one 192-pin mezzanine card expansion connector and an on-board Programmable LEAP main clock.
* Users performing software development targeting a future UT699E design may still use the LEAP development system since the UT699E device implementation is a subset of the UT700.
Software Development Tools