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Controller Area Network (CAN) FD Transceivers

Controller Area Network FD Transceivers

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions introduces our Controller Area Network (CAN) FD Transceivers. The CAN FD transceiver provides the physical layer that permits operation on a differential CAN bus.

QML V Qualification has been successfully completed with SMD 5962-15232 available at DLA's website. Prototypes, QML Q and V Production are available now! Please see our Press Release and comments by ESA.

Our first is the UT64CAN333x series developed in accordance with the ISO 11898-2 (1Mbps) and 11898-5 (CAN-FD) standards.

The three CAN FD transceiver options:

  • The UT64CAN3330 provides a low power sleep mode of operation
  • The UT64CAN3331 supports a bus isolated diagnostic loopback
  • The UT64CAN3332 offers the ability to monitor bus traffic enabling the local controller to change its baud rate to match the operations of the bus

This series of CAN transceivers are capable of baud rates between 10 kbps to 8 Mbps and include a slope-control mode to control the slew rate of the transmissions for baud rates of up to 500kbps. A standby mode disables the transmitter circuit to conserve power while monitoring the bus for activity. The UT64CAN333x series can support up to 120 nodes.

Cobham's Arm® Microcontroller integrates two independent CAN controllers for primary and redundant CAN topologies. View our Arm® Microcontroller Products.

Features Include:

  • Compatible with ISO 11898-2 and 11898-5 Standards
  • 10kbps to 8Mbps baud rates
  • Single 3.3V Supply Voltage
  • Class 2 ESD for non-CAN bus pins
  • Class 3A ESD for CAN bus pins (CANL, CANH)
  • Bus-Pin Fault Protection: ±36 V terrestrial and ±16 V in Orbit
  • Common-mode range: -7 to +12 V
  • Transient Protection: -60 to +40V
  • Over current protection
  • Low current standby mode: IDD ≤ 1500 µA
  • 5V tolerant digital I/O
  • Cold Spare of digital I/O


  • Avionic/Aerospace sensor monitoring
  • Avionic/Aerospace system telemetry
  • Avionic/Aerospace command and control
  • Utility Plane Communication
  • Smart Sensor Communication
  • ARINC825 applications
  • Time Triggered (TTP/C and TTP/A) applications

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CAN Transceiver News

  • NEW LeanREL™ version available for our UT64CAN3331! View White Paper.
    (Depending on quantities, pricing for LeanREL™ products is less than 60% of QML variants.)
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CAN Family

Available CAN FD Products

CAN FD Transceivers
Part Number
Description Baud Rate Total Dose Single Event Latch-up
Package QML Q&V SMD Part
UT64CAN3330Controller Area Network (CAN) Transciever - Sleep Mode 10Kbps to 8Mbps100 krad(Si)117 MeV-cm2/mg8 FPQ, V5962-15232
UT64CAN3331Controller Area Network (CAN) Transciever - Diagnostic Loopback Mode 10Kbps to 8Mbps100 krad(Si)117 MeV-cm2/mg8 FPQ, V
UT64CAN3332Controller Area Network (CAN) Transciever - Auto-baud Loopback Mode 10Kbps to 8Mbps100 krad(Si)117 MeV-cm2/mg8 FPQ, V5962-15232
Note: Evaluation Board available. Contact factory.