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Single Board Computers

Single Board Computers

Cobham's STAR III RISC based VME single board computer is available for your Avionic requirements.

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Available Single Board Computer Products

ACT8010/8011 STAR III -- RISC-Based VME Single Board Computer

The STAR III RISC Processor Module contains the following:
  • Processor L1 cache for instructions and data (16 Kbytes each)
  • Address space 65 gigabytes in 64-bit mode, 4 gigabytes in 32-bit mode
  • DRAM 64/16 Mbytes CPM/IOP, with error detection and correction
  • FLASH 16-48 Mbytes
  • NVRAM 8Kbytes
  • Real Time Clock (RTC), with battery backup capabilities
  • DMA controller
  • VMEbus full master/slave D8, D16, D32, D64, A24, A32, up to 58MB/second
  • Two independent RS-232 ports
  • One ethernet AUI port IEEE 802.3 compatible
  • As many as three 1553B ports on IOP only. Supports DDC BU-61580 as RT, BM and BC
  • Mezzanine expansion connector
  • Two diagnostic leads
  • Supports numerous exception interrupts and 25 hardware interrupts
  • PMON built-in test
  • Four 32-bit programmable timers