Cobham LeanREL®

Providing optimized balance for reliability, performance and affordability

LeanREL® Products

LeanREL® Arm® Microcontroller

Cobham is now offering LeanREL® products for Constellation/New Space markets:

  • Mission-Matched
  • Affordable Reliability

Why LeanRel®?

  • Depending on quantities, pricing for LeanREL® products is less than 60% of QML variants
  • Affordability vs mission assurance considerations
  • QML Material Pedigree
  • Radiation Assurance
  • Reliability Assurance
  • Pinout and Foot Print Compatible with existing Products
LeanREL<sup>®</sup>CAN Transceiver

Read Cobham’s White Paper on LeanREL® products to learn more.

For additional information or to request a quote, please contact us at or call 800-645-8862.

LeanREL® is available across the following product families:

LeanREL®, providing optimized balance for reliability, performance, and affordability.

LeanREL<sup>®</sup> Balance

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