Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - Electronic Manufacturing Services

Offering a full turnkey electronic manufacturing operation complete with testing and coating capabilities in a USA facility.

Electronic Manufacturing Services: Device Packaging

Cobham Semiconductor and Space Solutions has developed the capability of Custom Packaging along with the commercially available plastic packaging

  • Current Packaging Technology
    • Commercial Plastic Encapsulated Packages: BGA / fpBGA (81 to 484 ball), QFN (12 to 64 pin), PQFP (40 to 208 pin), etc. in pitches ranging from 1.27 to 0.4mm, TSOP, etc
    • HiRel: Hermetic ceramic packages, from 12 to 377 user I/O, CQFP, CCGA, CBGA
    • Ceramic Flat Pack
    • QML-V Certification for UT16MX11* MUX family
    • QML level external passive attach (resistor, capacitor)

  • Plug & SenseSM Packaging Packages
    • Flip-Chip on -Flex, -PCB, or -Ceramic
    • Stacked Sensor to ASIC design
    • 4,096 Channel Bio-Sensor w/ 2 ASIC’s
    • Two 512 Channel Flip-Chip ASIC’s + Flip-Chip Bio-Sensor
  • Advanced Packaging Technology
    • Cantilever and Pyramid Stacked die
    • CCGA Solder Column attachment
    • Flip Chip on Board/Flex with Under Bump Metallurgy (UMB) and various underfills
    • Seam Sealing
  • Circuit Card with QFN ASIC
    • Circuit Card for Detonator
    • Cobham ASIC for timing
  • Additional Processes and Qualifications
    • Expand signal I/O to 2045 / larger packages to 55mm2 in ceramic and non-ceramic options using 1.27mm and 1.00mm lead pitches
    • Non-hermetic solutions in smaller pin pitches such as 0.80mm, 0.65mm, 0.50mm and 0.40mm
    Chip On Board Packages
  • Chip On Board
    • Analog Control Board for a Satellite Payload
    • Double Sided SMT
    • Single Sided COB
    • High Density Nanonics SMT Connectors
    • PWB is approximately 6" sq. and replaced 3 Separate PWBs
  • Chip On Board Power Supply
    • Missile Application Example: 3 Output Device
      • Chip & Wire
      • Planar Magnetics
      • Wedge Locks
      • MIL-Connectors
  • Plastic Strategy
    • Hybrid Killers
      • Die Scale Packaging
      • Non-Hermetic Reliability w/Plastic
      • Tooling Costs
      • Cost of Packages
      • FPGAs
      • ASICs
    • Plastic Strategy
    • Advantages of a COB BGA Assembly
      • Counters Fear of Counterfeit Parts
      • Overcomes Lack of Lot Control
      • Full Traceability to Wafer Diffusion Lot
      • Visual Inspection of each Die
      • Flexibility to Achieve Obsolescence Avoidance
      • Eliminates possibility of Defective PEMs being "pop corned"
      • Consolidation of Supplier Base
    • Chip on Board BGA Assembly
      • High I/O Count
      • Ideal for Mixed Signal Applications
      • Hermetic Seal over Die Island
      • Suitable to 2 GHz
      • Polyimide PWB for High Reliability Applications
      • Low Mass allows device to be automatically picked & placed
      • Ability to overcome Obsolescence
      • MIL-PRF-38534 Qualification