Cobham ASICs for Medical Applications

Custom ASICs for the Medical Industry for Ultrasond and x-Ray Imaging.

Security Screening

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solution has the ASIC expertise to benefit the Security Screening X-ray Imaging market segment with products such as:

  • Security Screening X-ray Line Scan Readout ASICs

Cobham Experiences

Cobham has been providing the latest innovations in Digital and Mixed-Signal ASICs for over 30 years for HiRel applications. Starting with  0.6µm (we still support 5V) to now 90nm technologies, produced in State-of-the-Art foundries worldwide, we reach new levels for our customers. In 2000 we entered the commercial/industrial/medical mixed-signal marketplace with mixed-signal IC design services and ASICs. This diversification expanded into the data-networking marketplace and complements current product offerings in the high-reliability standard product and ASIC areas.

Cobham is a fab-independent semiconductor supplier with the flexibility to choose among numerous world-class processes that offer exceptionally high performance at the lowest cost for your design. We exploit the advantages of third-party wafer fabrication and have installed our own process modules into commercial foundries. We boast a high rate of first-pass success.

Cobham Technology Expertise

Cobham's four Design Centers are staffed with a team of mixed-signal design experts with numerous years of IC design experience and has successfully designed and released into production custom mixed-signal ASIC's for commercial, industrial, telecommunications, medical, military, and space applications.

64-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter/Data Acquisition System

  • Signal Chain
    • Liner Photodiode Array → COBHAM IC → Data Processing → Image Reconstruction
  • 64-Channel Analog-to-Digital Converter/Data Acquisition System
  • Size/Space
    • Standard Product solutions didn't exist with enough channels to address the application
  • Power
    • Even the standard product architectures, if integrated, would have much too high a power density for a CT gantry
  • Environment
    • To meet lower noise demands, have to move read-out ASIC into the x-ray beam
    • Solution needs total ionizing dose tolerance
  • Operation
    • Cobham mixed-signal ASIC is at the front end of the imaging system
    • Critical low noise, high linearity performance is required to reduce imaging artifacts
    • Best in class power efficiency reduces thermal noise in signal path
  • Value Proposition
    • Radiation Tolerant design allows the ASIC to be in the X-ray beam for noise reduction
    • High channel count ASIC is needed for increasing imaging resolution
    • Programmable output resolution: 12, 14, 16, or 18-bits