Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Medical

Custom ASICs benefitting the Medical Industry for Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Security Screening

Providing ASICs for the Security Screening X-Ray Imaging market segment.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Harsh Environments

Providing ASICs to benefit the Oil and Gas Mining Markets in High Reliability Electronics and Electronic Detonators.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Space & Satellite

Offering a variety of Digital and Mixed-Signal RadHard ASICs for your HiRel Space applications.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Military & Aerospace

Offering Mixed Signal, High Voltage and Digital ASICs for demanding HiRel, Military, Industrial and Avionics applications.

Flexible Engagement Model

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has a flexible engagement model which allows for our partner-customers to develop their own IP or use ours.

  • Full Turnkey
    • Customer provides performance specification
    • Cobham does complete design, including ASIC specification development
  • FPGA Conversion
    • Either Cobham conversion or Customer conversion
  • Co-Design
    • Cobham designs analog, Customer provides Netlist
    • Customer designs some analog, Cobham provides Netlist, etc
  • Netlist Handoff
    • Gate level netlist provided by Customer
    • Cobham does physical design
  • GDSII Handoff
    • Cobham procures tooling
    • Design for manufacturability, test program development, backend assembly
  • Supply chain management
    • Customer already has complete design and/or prototypes
    • Cobham takes existing prototype into full manufacturing
      • fab interface, test, packaging, module builds, etc

Development Flow

A typical engagement starts with the local Field Applications Engineer or Regional Sales Manager who will participate in the complete engagement cycle. A Product Marketing Manager and Device Architech will guide the process to the best starting point in the Engagement Model and then continue into the correct detailed step. Once the purchase order is initiated a dedicated Program Manager is placed as the primary point of contact through Serial Production. A Product Engineer is brought on early in the process to ensure a smooth transition into volume production with high yields and on-time deliveries.

Concept → Specification Definition → Develop → Qualification → Production Ramp → Serial Production

  • Concept
    • Technical and Business Review
    • Quotation
  • Specification Development
    • Product Performance Specification
    • Test Specification
    • Package Requirements
  • Develop
    • Chip Design and Layout
    • Initial Silicon Fabrication
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Test Packaging
    • Prototype Shipment
  • Qualification
    • Qualification Testing
    • (if needed) Radiation Testing
    • Process Corners Evaluation
  • Production Ramp
    • Release to Production
    • Yield Improvements
    • Test Time Improvements
  • Serial Production
    • Volume Deliveries
    • Forecast Management

Design Flow

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions utilizes the latest industry standard tools for chip design, development, modeling, and layout. Cobham also has proprietery Radiation Modeling Codes (Qsim for critical charge and SETsim for 3D ion transport) for assured Radiation Tolerant designs. The Cobham ASIC Design Flow incorporates Key Factors for First Pass Success.

Design Flow
  • EDA Tools
  • Circuit Design & Verification
    • HSIM / Hspice / Spectre / XA
    • Mixed-Signal: Co-Sim
    • Liberty NCX
  • RTL Synthesis and Test
    • DC Ultra
    • Power Compiler
    • TetraMAX / FlexTest ATPG
    • DesignWare IP
    • Formality / Conformal / FormalPro
    • Tessent MemoryBIST
  • Functional Verification
    • VCS / ModelSim
  • Physical Implementation
    • IC Compiler
    • Olympus-SoC
  • Signoff
    • Primetime SI, PX
    • PrimeRail
    • StarRC
    • Virtuoso
    • Assura / Calibre
  • Mask Data Prep
    • CATS

Customer Design Toolkits

Customer Design Toolkits include technology libraries and proprietary utilities for design flow.

  • Supports Verilog HDL and VHDL
  • Includes cell libraries for synthesis, simulation, DFT and timing analysis
    • Synthesis using Synopsys DC Ultra
    • Simulation using Synopsys VCS or Mentor ModelSim
  • Toolkit downloadable from the internet