Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Medical

Custom ASICs benefitting the Medical Industry for Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Security Screening

Providing ASICs for the Security Screening X-Ray Imaging market segment.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Harsh Environments

Providing ASICs to benefit the Oil and Gas Mining Markets in High Reliability Electronics and Electronic Detonators.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Space & Satellite

Offering a variety of Digital and Mixed-Signal RadHard ASICs for your HiRel Space applications.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Military & Aerospace

Offering Mixed Signal, High Voltage and Digital ASICs for demanding HiRel, Military, Industrial and Avionics applications.

Device Packaging


Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has developed the capability of Custom Packaging along with the commercially available plastic packaging.

  • Package Technology Overview
    • Commercial Plastic Packages: BGA and fpBGA (81 to 484 pin), QFN (12 to 64 pin), PQFP (40 to 208 pin), in pitches ranging from 1.27 to 0.4mm
    • HiRel Packages: Hermetic ceramic package technology, from 12 to 1752 user I/O; CQFP, CCGA, LGA, PGA, DFP
    • QML-V certification per MIL-PRF-38535
    • Packages
    • Class Y facility certification per MIL-PRF-38535; first Class Y certification awarded by DLA
    • QML qualified chip cap attach and solder column attach processes
  • Plug & SenseSM Packaging Examples Packages
    • Flip-Chip on Flex, Organic, or Ceramic assembly
    • Stacked Sensor to ASIC design
    • 4,096 Channel Bio-Sensor with 2 ASICs
    • Two 512 Channel Flip-Chip ASICs plus Flip-Chip Bio Sensor
  • Advanced Package Technology Packages
    • Stacked Die assembly
    • MRAM magnetic shielding assembly
    • Advanced Flip-Chip assembly (Class Y)
    • Decoupling Capacitor attach to package (Class Y)
    • Heat Sink attach (Class Y)
    • Seam Seal and Laser Mark
    • Flip Chip on Organic for High Speed Applications
  • Circuit Card with QFN ASIC
    • Circuit Card for Detonator
    • Cobham ASIC for timing
  • Additional Processes and Qualifications
    • Expand signal I/O to 2045 / larger packages to 55mm2 in ceramic and non-ceramic options using 1.27mm and 1.00mm lead pitches
    • Non-hermetic solutions in smaller pin pitches such as 0.80mm, 0.65mm, 0.50mm and 0.40mm