Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Medical

Custom ASICs benefitting the Medical Industry for Ultrasound and X-Ray Imaging.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Security Screening

Providing ASICs for the Security Screening X-Ray Imaging market segment.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Harsh Environments

Providing ASICs to benefit the Oil and Gas Mining Markets in High Reliability Electronics and Electronic Detonators.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Space & Satellite

Offering a variety of Digital and Mixed-Signal RadHard ASICs for your HiRel Space applications.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - ASICs for Military & Aerospace

Offering Mixed Signal, High Voltage and Digital ASICs for demanding HiRel, Military, Industrial and Avionics applications.

First Pass Success > Device Modeling and Radiation Expertise

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has a strong expertise in Radiation - whether it is in device modeling or testing.

Device Modeling:

  • Compact transistor models that take into account the environment (e.g. temperature, radiation) and the bias region (e.g. subthreshold) of all devices used in a process
  • Noise modeling from 0.01 Hz to 10MHz

Radiation Testing:

  • Design De-Bug Lab
    • On-site X-Ray source (up to 130 keV)
    • On-site laser testing for Single Event Transients (SET)
  • Radiation Lot Acceptance Testing
    • Aracor wafer-level X-Ray irradiator
    • On-site 60Co source
  • Cobham RAD Solutions
    • Flash X-Ray
    • Low-Dose Rate 60Co source for ELDRS
    • 14 MeV neutron source
    • 137Cs source

Proprietary Radiation Transport Simulators

  • Qsim: Critical Charge
  • SETsim: 3D ion transport → Rate vs. Deposited Charge
  • Qsim
    • SPIC™ based simulation engine
    • Qsim parses SPICE netlist to find each unique electrical node
      • If node is not reverse-biased, it is skipped
      • Qsim then creates new SPICE netlist containing double-exponential current sources
        • User defines parameters of the current source
          • t1, t2 , y2
          • y1 based upon bias-point used for simulation
    • Qsim batches SPICE simulations
    • User inspects output to determine whether SET caused an error
  • SETsim
  • SETsim + Qsim (example)
SETsim plus Qsim