Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions - Electronic Manufacturing Services

Offering a full turnkey electronic manufacturing operation complete with testing and coating capabilities in a USA facility.

Electronic Manufacturing Services: Supply Chain Management


Cobham Semiconductor and Space Solutions has over 25 years in Circuit Card Assembly starting with United Technologies Hamilton Standard site in Colorado Springs. We are proud to announce our new, automated circuit card assembly line to help assemble your higher volumes - view our video!

We have the Supply Chain Management and staff:

  • Procure and Receive materials
  • Material Team Members/Buyers
  • Parts Engineering/Quality Assurance Engineering

Experience to provide products for your requirements:

Providing your HiRel Databus for HiRel Applications
  • Obsolesce Management
  • Counterfeit Parts
  • DMS
  • Up-screening
  • Access to:
    • assembly technology
    • Assured Supply

Supply Chain and Test Services:

  • Complete trunkey material acquisition
  • Value added test and material upscreening
  • Part Sourcing
  • Wafer and Die management
  • Mission assurance compliance
  • Component and material engineering
  • Life Cycle management