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Providing the aerospace & avionic markets with Battery Electronics Units, high-speed power controllers and voltage regulators.

Power Solutions

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' power products provide the aerospace and avionic markets with:

  • Battery Electronics Units (BEUs)
  • High-speed power controllers
  • Voltage regulators and supervisors

Power Products

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  • Battery Electronic Units (BEU) Battery Electronic Units Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions' Battery Electronics Unit(BEU) family are a lithium-ion cell balancing system offering a variety of BEUs for your high-reliabilty applications.
  • Motor Drivers (Three Phase) Motor Drivers (Three Phase) High voltage 3 phase brushless DC motor drives ideal for military, space, and commercial avionics applications.
  • Power Distribution Modules Power Distribution Modules Offering the industry's best end-to-end efficiency from the satellite bus down to the point of load.
  • Pulse Width Modulators Pulse Width Modulators RadHard PWM5031/5032 High Speed Power Controller and Eval Boards.
  • Voltage Regulators Voltage Regulators Voltage regulators for aerospace and high reliability space applications.
  • Voltage Supervisors Voltage Supervisors Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions offers four radiation-tolerant voltage supervisors for various applications.

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