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Cobham RAD Europe

About Cobham RAD Europe

Cobham RAD Europe offers test facilities for total dose, electrons, protons and single event effects as follows:

  • Total integrated dose: gamma radiation from cobalt-60 sources; dose rates from background to several kGy/hr; in-situ monitoring, temperature control.
  • Electron irradiation: from 1 to 20 MeV; doses from tens of Gy to MGy; in-situ monitoring; temperature control; sample handling by conveyor or static positioning under the beam.
  • Proton irradiation: displacement damage testing from 0.5 to 10 MeV and SEE testing to 200 MeV; irradiation in vacuum or air; in-situ monitoring; temperature control.
  • Helium ion (alpha) irradiation: from 0.5 to 15 MeV; irradiation in vacuum or air; in-situ monitoring, temperature control.
  • Heavy ions: SEE testing via third party cyclotrons and accelerators.
  • ISO Class 7 (class 10,000) cleanroom available.

Radiation Effects Test Services - Europe

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